Caption Services


ODL Webcasting works with a captioning services company to provide both live captioning and closed captioning options for your events and programs.

Live Captioning Services
ODL provides live captioning services in conjunction with webcasts or live events where the video/audio signal can be directly routed to our webcasting facility in Building 9. Our webcasting facility has two dedicated analog phone connections needed to send out a copy of the live audio to a remote location where a captions operator is actively creating the captions.

The captions signal that is created can be recombined with live video to create a live Internet broadcast.  There is also an option for in-room captions via mobile devices using  A SRT file can also be generated after the event for uploading a video to MIT TechTV and adding in captions.

The recombined video signal can also be routed through the MITCable system for viewing on TV sets (on campus only). This cable TV function is used to display captioned video in designated classrooms during MIT Commencement activities.

This service requires two weeks advance notice.

Example of an open captioned webcast:

Diversity Summit 2015 - open captions webcast


Closed Captioned Transcript for on demand video
Videos posted to MIT TechTV can incorporate a Closed Captioned (CC) transcript. Such transcripts are created by outside services. ODL can direct interested content owners to services that will create such transcripts (SRT files). SRT files are derived from the original video file which is uploaded to the third-party service. The resulting SRT is returned to the content owner via email or from a download option provided by the service bureau. The content owner is responsible for uploading the file to the source video: TechTV has an upload tool specifically for this kind of content.